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ERA Industries, LLC. is located in Houston Texas, and has distribution centers in over 15 countries. The company is less than 5 miles from the Port of Houston. We are a fully diverse packaging company offering a whole range of finished products, a variety of packaging sizes and unique bottle styles through the use of advanced technology. We pride ourselves as a “one stop shop”.


We offer our in-house product lines, TEXLUB and TEXBLUE, or we can package your own Private-Label. We can assist you with any questions you may have from art, bottles, carton, distribution…etc. We offer a full line of lubricant products such as passenger car oils, heavy duty oils, small engine oils, transmission fluids, antifreeze/coolants, gear oils, hydraulic oils, brake fluid, greases and special general industrial products.


All our products are manufactured in the United States and meet or exceed the standards of international organizations such as API, SAE, ACEA, JASO and NLGI. Every product has a Certificate of Analysis and MSDS upon request.

Private Label packaging allows the customer to customize their own unique product line and place themselves out in the market to become a competitor in the lubricant business.


We have a large packaging range from 8-ounces bottles to bulk transports.


ERA Industries, LLC. currently offers 7 packaging lines:


• Quart line

• Gallon line

• Antifreeze/Coolant line

• Brake Fluid line

• Grease Packaging line

• Pails (5 gallon) and 2.5 Gallon line

• Keg (16 gallon) Drum (55 gallon) and Tote (275 gallon) line


Global Supply Chain Partner


ERA Industries, LLC. is also an independent supplier distributor of Group I, Group II and III Base Oils, PAO's, Pale Oils, Finished Lubricants, Additives and Fuels that add great value to our core business.


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