Texlub Full Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Racing

Texlub Full Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Racing, quality 4-stroke oil, high-performance, multi-grade lubricants for use in modern, high-RPM, race-tuned 4-stroke motorcycle engines with integral gear boxes and wet clutches as well as for use in any application requiring a four-stroke engine oil meeting the requirements of JASO MA2 or API SM. Blended with synthetic base stocks and premium performance additives, Texlub Full Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Oils 4T (Four-Stroke), provide maximum protection during rapid RPM increase under extreme conditions to provide optimal engine performance. SAE 5W-40, SAE 10W60 and SAE 15W40.


  •   • Wear Protection Formula helps to continually maintain the protecting and
  •   • Lubricating properties of the oil by reducing wear, controlling excessive oil thickening, and keeping critical components clean.
  •   • This helps to maintain the health of your engine, leading to reliable starting and trouble free running.


  •   • JASO MA2, MA
  •   • API SM, SL, SF, SG
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