Texlub Heavy Duty Premium SAE 10W30 API CI-4 PLUS/SL

Texlub Heavy Duty Premium SAE 10W-30 is API CI-4PLUS/SL, HEAVY-DUTY ENGINE OIL (HDEO) is a high-performance multi-grade lubricant designed for use in high speed, four-stroke diesel engines as well as carbureted, fuel injected, turbocharged and supercharged gasoline engines in both heavy-duty and normal operating conditions. TEXLUB SAE 10W-30 API CI-4PLUS/SL, is formulated with a special additive package designed for superior protection against wear, corrosion, oxidation and varnish. Furthermore, a unique detergent additive prevents sludge or carbon deposits especially in extreme heat or pressure conditions.


Meets or Exceeds the Performance Requirements of the Following OEM & Industry Specifications:

API CI-4 • API SL • API CI-4 PLUS • ACEA E2-96 Issue 5 (2007) • ACEA B3-98 Issue 2 (2002) • ACEA A2-96 Issue 3 (2002) • API CH-4 • API CG-4 • API CF-4 • API CF • API SJ • MB 228.1 • MB 229.1 • MAN 271 • MTU Type 1 • Volvo VDS-2 • Mack EO-M Plus • Renault Truck RD/RD-2 • CUMMINS CES 20076 • CAT ECF-1-a • ZF TE-ML 07C

Texlub Heavy Duty Motor Oil

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