Texlub Premium Synthetic Blend SAE 15W40 API CJ-4/SN

Texlub Premium Synthetic Blend provides superior short trip protection for your car. Modern engines get more power out of smaller engines. This results in more heat and stress on key engine components, which can make newer engines more vulnerable to deposits and wear. Texlub Premium Synthetic Blend cools critical engine parts, providing a superior level of protection against wear and oil burn-off.


SAE 15W40 is an outstandingutstanding wear protection and bearing corrosion control helps maximize engine life, Product is warranted against defect and meets US and European equipment manufacturer’s engine oil warranty requirements minimizing operator’s risk, Reduced fuel consumption compared to single grade oils can help lower operating costs, Improved deposit and oil consumption control, and better oxidation stability for the operator; this could mean lower oil cost and extended overhaul life expectancy and increased flexibility.
Texlub Heavy Duty Motor Oil

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