Texlub Oil Tractor 303

Texlub Oil Tractor 303 is a quality universal tractor hydraulic fluid formulated with high quality base oils and anti-wear and extreme pressure (EP) additives providing. Excellent load carrying capacity and wear protection for a wide temperature range and long-term service under severe conditions.


It is designed for equipment using a common sumpor requiring a single fluid for hydraulic systems, transmission, Differential, wet brakes/wet clutches, power take off (PTO) units and final drive.


Texlub Oil Tractor 303 meets or exceeds most tractor manufacturers’ specifications and can be used where any of the following are specified:
  •   • AGCO, Allis Chalmers & Deutz-Allis: 821XL
  •   • John Deere: J20C, J20A, J14B, J21A,
  •   • Hygard, 303 Fluid
  •   • Case International Harvester: MS 1209 (Hy-Tran ULTRA), MS 1207
  •   • (Hy-Tran Plus), MS 1210 (TCH Fluid), MS-1206, MS1230, JIC-144, JIC-143
  •   • Oliver: Type 55, Universal HTF, Q1766
  •   • International Harvester: B-6
  •   • Minneapolis-Moline Fluids
  •   • Massey Ferguson: Permatran III, M-1141
  •   • Ford M2C134C/D, FNHA-2-C-200.00, M2C86-B, M2C41-B
  •   • Caterpillar: TO-2
  •   • Allison: C-4 Fluid
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