TEXLUB ROCK DRILL OILS ISO 100, 150, 220, 320, 460 are blended from highly-refined, high viscosity-index base stocks and premium performance additives to provide maximum protection during the lubrication of pneumatic percussion tools including rock drills, jack hammers, pile drivers, chippers, pavement breakers and riveters.




TEXLUB ROCK DRILL OILS demonstrate strong adherence to tool surfaces, critical for proper lubrication of pneumatic percussion tools. TEXLUB ROCK DRILL OILS are available in several viscosities dependent on the specific application. Rock drills, jack hammers, pile drivers, chippers, pavement breakers, riveters and associated equipment. Are reinforced by extreme pressure performance additives specially designed to impart enhanced film strength, providing advanced protection and lubricity in extreme pressure conditions. Premium performance additives provide excellent protection from rust and corrosion while maintaining excellent demulsibility to resist water washout.
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