TEXLUB Lo-Flo 68

TEXLUB Lo-Flo 68 is a fully synthetic polyalphaolefin (PAO) based refrigeration compressor fluid formulated for use in industrial ammonia refrigeration systems. This fully synthetic fluid easily outperforms traditional paraffinic and naphthenic mineral oil based refrigeration fluids, providing excellent operation at extremely low temperatures, and eliminating the potential for wax deposits associated with paraffinic refrigeration fluids. Furthermore, Texlub Lo-Flo 68 exhibits lower solubility in ammonia than traditional mineral oils, providing enhanced system reliability by preventing cross contamination between refrigerant compressor fluids with ammonia.


TEXLUB Lo-Flo 68 demonstrates outstanding oxidation stability, extending fluid life and reducing downtime. Texlub Lo-Flo 68 can be used in ammonia refrigeration systems where evaporator temperatures are greater than -51°C (-60°F) and is compatible with materials such as NBR, SBR, CR, NR, and MVQ.


TEXLUB Lo-Flo 68 PAO Synthetic Fluid Outperforms Traditional Paraffinic and Naphthenic Mineral Oils
  •   • Outstanding Low-Temperature Properties
  •   • Eliminates Potential for Wax Deposits Associated with Paraffinic Oils
  •   • Lowered Solubility with Ammonia as Compared to Paraffinic and Naphthenic Oils
  •   • Outstanding Oxidation Stability, Extends Fluid Life, Reduces Downtime
  •   • Can be Used in Refrigeration Systems Where Temperatures are > -51°C (-60°F)
  •   • Compatible with Materials such as NBR, SBR, CR, NR, and MVQ
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