Texlub Power Steering Fluid

Texlub Power Steering Fluid Fluid is a mineral oil based fluid suitable for most power steering systems.
  •   • Premium Blend of highly refined mineral base stocks plus performance additives
  •   • Optimal protection from oxidation, foaming, wear, and pump degradation
  •   • Designed to meet the performance requirements of most power steering systems
  •   • Excellent low-temperature flow properties for cold-start steering
  •   • Balanced performance in a wide-variety of temperatures and conditions


Direction for use:
When adding power steering fluid, always follow the manufacturer recommendations (generally located in the Operators Manual). Fill power steering oil reservoir to MAXIMUM level only.


Meets or exceeds the following:
  •   • General Motors - 9985010, 9985835
  •   • Ford - ESW-M2C128-C&D, M2C138-CJ, M2C33-F
  •   • Chrysler - MS-1872, MS-5931F, MS-593
  •   • Navistar - TMS 6810
  •   • Volkswagen - TL-VM-570-26
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